‘President Dementia’ Is Getting Worse !!! (Can we call it a national security crisis yet? The stress that comes with the job of POTUS seems to be accelerating the cognitive decline of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. at a time when the world is becoming ominously more dangerous.)

Can we call it a national security crisis yet? The stress that comes with the job of POTUS seems to be accelerating the cognitive decline of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. at a time when the world is becoming ominously more dangerous. Embarrassing incidents of inappropriate Biden behavior are accumulating, even as the agitprop media begin publishing material that makes Kamala Harris look unsuitable as a replacement should the 25th Amendment be invoked. Some cynics believe that the anonymous leaks are being orchestrated in an effort to drive her from office, as happened with Spiro Agnew before Richard Nixon was driven out of the presidency to be replaced by Gerald Ford, appointed to replace Agnew.

Two recent examples of Biden’s mental decline are especially troubling, given the high stakes of international diplomacy currently.

In a clear sign that cognitive impairment has destroyed his understanding of normal behavior, not to mention protocol, Joe Biden humiliated himself and the United States by dropping to knee before a foreign guest in the White House. American media

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Just over a week ago, on June 28, during a White House meeting with Israeli President Rivlin, Biden actually took to his knee before a foreign head of state. Apparently, the gesture of submission was aimed at Rivlin’s chief of staff, Rivka Ravitz, as she explained to an Israeli publication:

The two leaders were having a “nice small chat” when Rivlin pointed towards Ravitz and said, “This is my chief of staff. She is very Orthodox, and you won’t believe how many children she has.”

Biden asked how many, and Rivlin answered, “12 children.”

“And he [Biden] was like going, ‘Wow, I can’t believe it. That can’t be. Are you sure, 12? Is that true?’” Ravitz said.

Ravitz said that she answered, “Yes, that’s true. There are 12, and there are even some grandchildren already.”

Biden then told her that he was from a Christian family, she said, and he began to talk about his mother.

Then he said, “You know what? I have to go down on my knees for honoring you for having 12 children,” before lowering himself to the floor on one knee and bowing his head.

Ravitz said that Biden also attempted to shake her hand, but Rivlin quickly explained that she is very religious and doesn’t shake hands with men.

A photograph of the incident appeared in a tweet:

It turns out that this was the second instance of Biden kneeling last month:

Biden got down on one knee to greet Opal Lee, the 94-year-old Juneteenth advocate and former educator from Texas, at the presidential signing ceremony as Vice President Kamala Harris introduced her.

It appears to me that he got down on both knees for Ravitz and Rivlin.

Maybe these gestures were made in the spirit of honoring guests, but I am sorry: the President of the United States should never kneel down before anyone. Especially not before a foreign head of state. He represents the entire country and this gesture of submission is entirely inappropriate. It is even worse than Barack Obama’s habit of bowing before foreigners.

A scientist friend who is an expert on brain function emailed me:

I think he’s become too bizarre and irrational to last long. The

whispering thing has occurred three or four times, a clear loss of

adult judgment about normal behavior.

This is even worse.

It’s also on international display, cannot be hidden.

Last Friday, the president made an easily disprovable boast that puts him the company of Communist dictators who were claimed to have performed impossible feats of athletic accomplishment. Back in 1966, when he was launching the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong’s henchmen claimed he had swum nine miles in the Yangtze River in 65 minutes, stopping along the way to teach the backstroke to a youngster. It was obvious nonsense.

[T]the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that “a Hong Kong sports writer, who says that the Chairman is a backstroke man, has estimated that even allowing for a favoring current, Mao must have swum fast enough to beat the world backstroke swimming champion by seven minutes.”

Even more implausibly, the late Kim Jong-il of North Korea:

…shot 38 under, including 11 holes-in-one, at the 7,700-yard championship course at Pyongyang in the VERY FIRST golf round of his life, according to North Korean state media

Unlike these state-media backed fables, Joe Biden offered his own implausible boast of athletic achievement last Friday. Nick Arama of Red State reports:

[W]hen he had the World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, to the White House on Friday…. he told the Dodgers that he hit a 368 ft. home run off the right-centerfield wall during a Congressional baseball game. He even claimed his “kids remember that.” CBS’ Bo Erickson, one of the few reporters who actually asks questions and reports like a real reporter should, took note, calling it “Peak Biden.” (snip)

Except, as with anything Biden says, it seems there was a small problem with that. Joe’s first year in Congress was 1973. Yes, he is that old. In 1974, as Zach Parkinson RNC Research Director and GOP Deputy Communications Director found, Biden actually went 0-2, the furthest you could get from hitting a monster home run.

Both of the incidents, the athleticism boast and the dropping to the knee, tell foreign adversaries that the United States is led by a man who has little grasp of reality and no sense of the importance of his office. This is an example of provocative weakness. The status of incompetent Kamala Harris as the stand-in does nothing to decrease the wearisomeness of the situation.

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This article (President Dementia is getting worse) is republished here under “Fair Use” with attribution to the articles author Thomas Lifson and website americanthinker.com.

4 thoughts on “‘President Dementia’ Is Getting Worse !!! (Can we call it a national security crisis yet? The stress that comes with the job of POTUS seems to be accelerating the cognitive decline of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. at a time when the world is becoming ominously more dangerous.)

  1. Now imagine that the demonrat puppeteers get their wish! Dementia Pedo Beijing Burden gone and Kamela-toe the Hoe takes over, with her puppeteers…wow!


  2. Correct. We have a national security crysis. Bitem should be relieved but even Commie Ala Hairyass is NOT qualified either.

    Get the vote crysis out of the way and declare Trump the whiner and put him back in office.


  3. $hina J0ey now seems Dem0nically possessed. Bidet & KaMalHairs are ‘jussie’ stage act0rs, while D_5 is rUNning the insane asylum @ District of Crimes for the ‘!nternazional’ Cabal, replete w woke generals, alphabets, corrupt0crat p0litiC!Ans and M$M. Together, they are D_str0Ying what’s Left and esp.Right about US,Inc.in order to consolidate Zhe 4th [Reich] ‘InDustReal [‘c0l0r’] Rev0LuZion. Zher so-called SoLUZion won’t please ‘normies’ and even lefties, as few will be spared, if 20th Century history is allowed to repeat itself again, but on a larger scale.


  4. Well Biden is the poster boy for not taking the vaccine!
    If that’s what it does to you then No Thanks!
    If Trump behaved this way they would have been screaming 25th amendment unfit for office…. and they did do that even though it was quite obvious that he was completely mentally intact.
    Just shows you the absolute, vile hypocrisy of the Democrats.
    Vicious bare fanged blood thirsty beasts in suits and lipstick.


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